Future of the Actuarial Profession

James Dunseth
Charles Deak, FSA, CERA, MAAA

The world is changing at an increasing pace and is disrupting everything from how one orders goods and services to how they take a taxi/Uber. Increasingly, this disruption is affecting the work of Actuaries. Moreover, Actuaries are being asked to provide more value-added services. Not only is this requiring Actuaries to leverage exponential technologies not traditionally used in the insurance industry, but it is also impacting the types of staffing and training models utilized by Actuaries. This session will outline how Actuaries and Actuarial functions can successfully prepare themselves for this change.

James Dunseth is a senior consultant in Deloitte Consulting practice in the US, and he has over 5 years of experience in the Life and Health insurance industries. A large part of his project work has been focused on actuarial modeling, model validation, and process improvement. James has lived the build of Deloitte’s Exponential Actuary™ solution which focuses on the future of the actuarial profession. He is also a core team member of the Deloitte’s global Exponential Professional team which helps other professions transform to the future of work.

Charles is a Manager in Deloitte’s Actuarial & Insurance Solutions practice and has more than 10 years of experience working in the life insurance industry. He specializes in Actuarial Modernization with an emphasis on actuarial systems and modeling. Charles has delivered for a variety of Actuarial Modernization initiatives across data, processes, actuarial models, governance, and overall operating model.

Currently, Charles is assisting companies with modernization and modeling efforts for PBR and LDTI. He is also exploring the future of the actuarial modeling function as companies transition to their future state as part of Deloitte’s Exponential Actuary™ solution.

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