Our association does not post employment opportunities, resumes, pay scales, advertisements, etc. Such an effort would duplicate services provided by other (larger) actuarial organizations and Internet job boards, and would likely offend our sponsors — the employers that pay fees on behalf of our members.

Antitrust Disclaimer

The Chicago Actuarial Association adheres to the antitrust laws and cautions all members and speakers that our meetings are designed solely to advance actuarial knowledge and to improve the skills of the individual attendees. Under no circumstances shall our meetings or programs be used as a forum for representatives of competing companies and/or firms to reach any understanding whatsoever about the pricing of specific products, whether particular products should be marketed to the public, or terms on which products are marketed. That’s our story, and we’re sticking to it.

Code of Conduct

Please note that the code of professional conduct as promulgated by the American Academy of Actuaries applies to student actuaries and credentialed actuaries equally. In particular, precept 10 – Courtesy and Cooperation, is directly applicable to following acceptable online behavior with regard to appropriate comments, posts, messaging other members, etc.
The code of professional conduct can be read here.

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