Data Is Our Most Precious Asset

Gouri Kumaran, FSA, MAAA
Peter Gosnell

Data has defined multiple millennia of insurance activity. The availably and use of the data has changed over time, and as actuaries we must change with it. This session will trace the history of the insurance industry and how it has been utilizing data from the beginning, to current computing systems and how we use data. We then explore different possible futures of data and how different technologies are changing, and will continue to change our industry and the use of data in it.

Gouri Kumaran is a Manager in the Risk Consulting Practice at KPMG. Gouri is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries (FSA) and a Member of the American Academy of Actuaries (MAAA). She has over a decade of experience in the life insurance arena. She currently works with a team that helps clients with finance transformations, where she specializes in delivering modeling solutions for clients. Her prior consulting experience includes audit support and project management. Prior to being an actuary, Gouri has had several years of IT experience and brings with her that unique perspective.

Peter Gosnell is currently part of KPMG’s Risk Consulting practice. Prior to this, Peter worked with Brighthouse Financial supporting the creation and automation of data flows for various actuarial use cases following Brighthouse’s separation from MetLife. Since joining KPMG, Peter has helped various companies automate data flows, build predictive models, and develop risk metrics.

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