Navigating the Insurance Career Path: Strategies for Success

Alicia Morris

Navigating the career journey can be a challenge. From developing soft skills, to cultivating leadership potential and establishing your personal network, young professionals must navigate a number of hurdles. In addition, today’s employees face a number of hot trends and shifts that will have a significant impact on the industry’s professional landscape.

How can young professionals prepare for the ever-changing job market? What are the hot careers within the actuarial industry? What are the “most wanted” skills and attributes employers are looking for? How can young professionals further develop their career? As you move forward in your insurance career, taking the time to explore the answers to these pressing questions will become integral to your advancement.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify areas of high demand and hot trends within the insurance profession.
  2. Gain insights into the top skills employers are looking for, including soft skills and innovative thinking.
  3. Develop best practices and strategies for managing one’s career, including networking, development and personal branding.

Alicia Morris is Assistant Vice President for The Jacobson Group’s health services team. In this role, Alicia is responsible for creating and maintaining relationships with health clients. She provides insurance organizations access to the temporary staffing and subject matter experts solutions they need to effectively manage workload fluctuations, special projects and other short-term needs.

Alicia joined Jacobson in 2014 as a National Territory Manager. Prior to joining Jacobson, Alicia held Sales Executive and Associate roles with City Wide Maintenance. She received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Central Missouri. Alicia is based out of the firm’s global headquarters in Chicago

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