Strategic Research Initiative


As part of the 2017 SOA Strategic Plan, the purpose of the Strategic Research Programs Initiative was to identify the key industry and societal issues that the SOA should focus on as specified research programs in the coming years. This session will cover the steps that were taken to accomplish this goal. A task force was assembled to help with the following objectives:

Identify potential programs and evaluation criteria using facilitated group discussions and interviews with key staff, volunteers, SOA Board members, actuarial employers, stakeholders, regulators and media to create the initial lists of potential program topics and evaluation criteria.
Identify key programs using consistent application of the evaluation criteria and identify 4 ‐ 6 lead programs for SOA focus.
Determine the appropriate volunteer committee and staff structure to effectively and consistently produce research, research dissemination and communications in the selected programs.
Deliver the 2018 Implementation Plan to the SOA Board of Directors.

Workshop Presentation

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