U. S. Population Mortality Observations – Updated with 2017 Experience: Motor Vehicle Experience

Pete Miller, ASA, MAAA
R. Jerome (Jerry) Holman, FSA, CFA, MAAA

In January, the SOA released the U.S. Population Mortality Observations report, updated with 2017 experience. In addition to overall experience, the top 10 causes of death were covered as well as a section on opioid deaths. Mortality was analyzed over time (1999-2017), by gender and by income level. This session will cover the highlights of the report and discuss the methodology used in the analysis.

Motor vehicle accidents were the number one cause of accidental deaths in the United States from 1999-2016 and number two in 2016. Are things getting better or worse out on the road? There isn’t one answer because it depends on your riding status, age, gender and other factors. This presentation will give an overview of the experience of those variables from 1999-2016.

Pete Miller, ASA, MAAA, is an Experience Study Actuary with the Society of Actuaries. His primary responsibilities are for disability and long-term care studies. Prior to joining the SOA in August, 2015, Pete worked for PolySystems for nearly 14 years, where he primarily supported PolySystems’ experience study system, Measure. He also has a deep background in life insurance and annuity valuation from his previous employment at two insurance companies.

R. Jerome (Jerry) Holman, FSA, CFA, MAAA is Principal of RJH Integrated Solutions LLC. Mr. Holman’s firm, RJH IS, provides actuarial services to the life insurance industry. Prior to forming RJH IS, Mr. Holman was Senior Actuarial Officer for CNA Institutional Markets where he was responsible for overseeing all product management and ALM aspects of the business. More recently, as Principal of RJH IS, Mr. Holman has performed model reviews, led the actuarial management of the SOA Credit Risk Loss Experience Study: Private Placement Bonds and produced various mortality and morbidity research. Mr. Holman has served on numerous committees addressing various life insurance industry initiatives. He presently serves as an industry technical advisor to the NAIC on bond RBC and is a current Co-chair of the AAA C1 Work Group.

Motor Vehicle Accident Deaths 1999-2016

Workshop Presentation

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