New Insights from 2017 Society of Actuaries Research on Post-Retirement Risk

Carol Bogosian, A.S.A.

Since 2001, the Society of Actuaries has conducted surveys on how the public understands and manages various post-retirement risks. In 2017, the SOA conducted the 9th biannual post-retirement risk survey of pre-retirees and retirees and interviews with retirees age 85 and older and their adult children. Topics of emphasis for the survey are long-term care and caregiving, housing, and financial wellness. The 85 and older interviews build on earlier work of focus groups with individuals retired more than 15 years and more than 10 years. This is particularly interesting, because now the SOA has conducted research at multiple stages throughout retirement. This presentation will provide key up-to-date findings, trends and insights from both studies.

Pension actuaries, as well as those who advise and build retirement products for individuals, will benefit from the insights coming from this research, gaining more knowledge on post-retirement risks and how they are managed.

Carol is the President of CAB Consulting and an Associate of the Society of Actuaries, She has over 30 years of experience as an actuary providing advice on defined benefit and defined contribution pension plans and retirement planning issues. Before starting her own firm, she was a principal in a major consulting firm as a senior actuary and consultant providing retirement services to individuals and corporate clients. She completed a financial planning certificate program, gaining her perspective of the employee’s overall financial needs. Her current interests are in improving financial education and literacy in the U.S.

She has published articles for the Plan Sponsor Council of America and WISER. She has spoken publicly at various professional associations on retirement and financial planning topics. She previously served on the Pension Section Council and currently serves on the Post Retirement Needs and Risk Committee of the Society of Actuaries and the Chicago Bar Associations’ Joint Task Force on Women and Aging. She also previously served on the Employee Benefits Advisory Board for The John Marshall Law School.

Workshop Presentation

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