November 2009 Fun Event

Event:  November 2009 Fun Event
What:  Chicago Bulls vs. Denver Nuggets!

Come out and celebrate the end of another actuarial exam season!  The Chicago Actuarial Association (CAA) has acquired tickets for a Bulls game and would love to celebrate with you that exams are over.  Hopefully it will prove true that you all can “pass” as well as Derrick Rose.

The CAA will be recognized on the scoreboard at halftime, and all attendees will receive mini posters of a Bulls player.  Admission is $10 for all exam participants: exam takers (including FAP1), supervisors, proctors, and review class instructors.  Exam takers, remember to bring your ticket of admission!  Also, modules count, as does the FAP:  Print the proof/receipt and bring same to the event.  Other exam participants must be verified by Pat Pruitt.  In addition, tickets can be purchased by non-exam-taking CAA members for $15, and by other guests for $30. 

Exam takers will also receive $10 vouchers that can be used for concessions.  Space is limited to 75 attendees.

When:  Tuesday, November 10, 2009, 7:00 p.m.

Where:  United Center, 1901 W. Madison Street, Chicago, 60612
Seats are in sections 313 and 314

Cost: Exam Participants:    $10
CAA members:    $15
Others: $30

Payment must be made in advance by using the PayPal credit card link in the confirmation message you will receive immediately after submitting your ticket order.  

When reserving, please indicate whether you are an exam participant or a member or neither.

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