June 2011 Fun – Post Exam Fun @ the Ballpark

Event: June 2011 Fun –  Post Exam Fun @ the Ballpark

Topic: Chicago White Sox vs. Seattle Mariners

All actuarial students are welcome to join us.

Spring is here!  As any actuarial student knows, this means exams are just around the corner.  And, as soon as exams are over(1),  it will be time to have some fun!  We are sponsoring an actuarial group outing to a baseball game at U. S. Cellular Field, home of baseball’s 2005 World Series Champions(2), the Chicago White Sox, as they meet the Seattle Mariners.  Comiskey Cash will be provided at the game to exam takers, supervisors, proctors, and review class instructors.  Other attendees will be responsible for their own food & drinks.

Date:  Monday, June 6, 2011   
 Game begins at 7:10 p.m.

Location:  U.S. Cellular Field, 333 West 35th Street, Chicago

Tickets are only $10 for exam participants and $15 for members of the Chicago Actuarial Association.  Other guest tickets are $20.  At the ballpark, all exam takers will get $15 in Comiskey Cash by presenting their original ticket of admission to the exam (for FAP modules, please bring proof).  Exam supervisors, proctors, and review class instructors will also get the $15 in Comiskey Cash by presenting a photo ID if their name is on Pat Pruitt’s list of exam volunteers and instructors.  Members and other guests will be responsible for their own cash expenditures.

Seats this year are in the lower deck boxes near the right field foul
These tickets are limited, so the sooner you purchase your tickets, the better.  Tickets will be distributed before game day through our network of members or your home mailing address.

 (1) Due to the wide range of exam dates, we are holding our event prior to computer based exams FM/2 and C/4.  We hope that students taking these exams will be able to take a break from studying and join us anyway.
  (2) We plan to use this description until another World Series Championship is won by a Chicago team.

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