Big Data and the Future Actuary

Mervyn Kopinsky, FSA, EA, MAAA

The amount of information available to actuaries from Big Data is increasing at a very rapid pace and affects many areas of actuarial practice.  We will look at the types and sources of information that are, and will, become available, how they will affect the profession, and consider what changes we need to make in order to stay relevant in a rapidly changing world.

Mervyn Kopinsky has been with the Society of Actuaries for 3 years, and prior to that was a consulting pension actuary with Willis Towers Watson for 28 years. In his role with the Society of Actuaries, Mervyn helps coordinate a number of research groups related to experience studies, accelerated underwriting and use of big data for life insurance purposes. Mervyn also assists the SOA with research related to the new Actuarial Innovation and Technology strategic research program, which focuses on how innovation and technology are impacting the actuarial profession. Mervyn is originally from South Africa where he graduated with an MSc. in statistics.

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