Actuaries with Non-typical Careers

Kassie Maroney, FSA, MAAA
Jennifer Galka, FSA, MAAA
Bob Meyerhoff, ASA, MAAA

Kassie Maroney is the Vice President of commercial actuarial at Health Care Service Corporation, including individual to large group pricing in Illinois, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Montana.

Jennifer Galka is Divisional CFO, Employer Solutions at Health Care Service Corporation.

Bob Meyerhoff is president of Information Logistics, Inc. which supports agents and unions that represent professional athletes.  Information Logistics helps clients address their data software needs, and has developed CRMs, reporting systems and discovery tools that allow non-technical sports agents to query and analyze complex playing and salary data.  A major focus of Information Logistics’ work is supporting player salary matters, including salary negotiations for free agents, arguments for salary arbitration eligible players, and analytics for collective bargaining negotiations.  Information Logistics works in a number of sports, but a disproportionate amount of its work is in baseball.

Prior to starting Information Logistics, Bob was a senior executive and board member at STATS Incorporated.  Under John Dewan (also an actuary) Bob was involved with STATS from its beginnings, helping STATS grow to become one of the largest, most innovative providers of sports information.

Prior to joining STATS, Bob was an actuary at AON and Capital American, working for about 10 years, primarily in supplement health pricing.

Bob Graduated from University of Chicago. He and his wife live in Deerfield, Illinois where they raised four children.

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