An Introduction to Patent Law

Sid Bennett

After introducing the essential aspects of US patent law of interest to inventors and managers, a discussion of recent changes in the law, both in legislation and in practice, will utilize examples of claims that are and are not patentable in the present situation to assist in evaluating whether an invention could be protected by a US patent.

Engineer, inventor, retired business executive and patent agent, Sid Bennett received the BSEE from Cornell University and the MSEE from New York University and is registered to represent inventors before the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). He has varied engineering and management experience in industry over a 40 year career in upper atmosphere physics, radar, radio communications, signal analysis and direction finding, international broadcasting, and optical fiber gyroscopes and navigation systems. He has been awarded 14 US patents. For a decade he chaired the IEEE Gyro and Accelerometer Panel, the international standards body, and is a past president of the Chicago Engineers’ Foundation. In addition to representing inventors, he is an active member of the Independent Group (IG) of international experts participating in the search for the vanished Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.

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