Jordan Givan Extended Bio

Jordan Givan, FSA, CERA, MAAA

With the rollout of Principle-Based Reserving (PBR) comes important considerations of mortality credibility for a company’s valuation. This presentation will cover 1) credibility considerations which impact the decision to implement PBR, 2) how various levels of credibility affect reserving, 3) ways reinsurance influences credibility, and 4) sources for potentially enhancing credibility.

Jordan Givan is a Vice President and Actuary on the US Life and Health Products team at Swiss Re. His areas of focus encompass pricing, terms of trade, innovation, and Principle-Based Reserving. He has been with the company since 2010. Jordan earned his B.S. degree in Actuarial Science and Mathematical Economics from Ball State University. He is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries, Chartered Enterprise Risk Analyst and a Member of the American Academy of Actuaries.

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