Pricing and Credit Analytics

As shrinking margins and competition narrow the retail industry, having a strong data analytics strategy for competitive product pricing is essential. Customer credit profiling and modeling is key. Join a top data scientist from Enova International as he discusses how he performs the predictive analytics to support such initiatives.


Hakan F. Karagul joined the Portfolio Analytics department of Enova International in 2012 and currently serves as Portfolio Analytics Manager, responsible for leading a team of analysts and analytics initiatives for NetCredit and Headway Capital. Prior to Enova, Hakan held various research positions (North Carolina State University (NCSU) and Xerox) while working towards receiving his Ph.D. in Industrial and Systems Engineering at NCSU in 2012. Before starting his Ph.D., Hakan served as Supply Chain Engineer for Mercedes-Benz Turkey. He received his Masters in Industrial and Systems Engineering from NCSU and his BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Istanbul Technical University.

Hakan Karagul Enova

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